How I became a Luthier

I like to compare my story to that of various luthiers of the past: some of them before making stringed instruments were trained in carpenters’ workshops, cabinetmakers’, violin making workshops, places where they acquired various and different experiences.

From a young age, I had shown an interest in woodworking and then began to work in a workshop of cabinetmakers and restorers. Later I was inspired by a strong passion for music. Already as a child I played the clarinet in the local band with conductor Danilo Sereni, then as an adult, fascinated by stringed instruments, I began to study violin under the guidance of the teacher Marna Fumarola. From this moment, I began to develop an interest in crafting the first violins, following the advice of various master violin makers that I met. The meeting with the Vettori Paolo family of Florence, known violin makers in the world for three generations, was revealing. From this meeting I received a continuous stimulating comparison to improve the construction technique and I got to know the various models and secret formulas of the Bisiach family varnish.

Today I make violins, violas and cellos on various Montagnana, Stradivari, Guarneri, Guadagnini and Storioni models. The wood I use is Balkan maple and local maple for the bottom. For the soundboard, I personally choose spruce from Paneveggio forest, located in Fiemme valley.